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Attila Csikos & Zsofia Tardy


Personalized guitar lessons with Attila.

As a session player he is expert in all styles. He teaches in all levels and ages.

You can learn 

-How to play the guitar

-Improvisation in all styles

- Music Theory 

- Orchestration

- Ear Training

Lessons in Home Studio and via SKYPE



Zsofi has more than 20 years teaching and 40 years performing experience

You can learn

- The fundamentals of healthy and proper singing

- Italian “Bel Canto” (Beautiful Singing) approach, suitable for ANY musical style

- Safe, nurturing, supporting and friendly atmosphere

- Managing stage-freight

- Making music with more and more confidence

Lessons in Home Studio


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sofia [dot] c [dot] tardy [at] gmail [dot] com

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