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Attila Csikos & Zsofia Tardy

Attila Csikos

Jazz and session guitarist, composer, arranger, and guitar instructor.


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Lincoln City - w Annie Averre

Fishing Rock - w Annie Averre

Christos - Hunglish Project

Longview; WA

Roland Wines - w Alan Cook

Lincoln City

Depoe Bay


W Annie Averre

Lincoln City

Private Party


Arrivederci - Hunglish Project

Private - w Annie Averre

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Born in Budapest, Hungary . Attila Csikós began playing the guitar at age 13, studied jazz-guitar at the Jazz Department of Liszt Academy of Music. Graduated as Bachelor of Education and Performance in Jazz Guitar. He earned his Master of Contemporary Music degree at Western Oregon University. He lives in Portland, Oregon (USA).

As a performer he has played on jazz festivals, in jazz clubs with his own bands and as a sideman.

 Bigger festivals where he appeared: Frankfurt; Pepsi Island; Live Concert at the Marble Hall of Hungarian Radio; Music & Light Festival - Miskolc; Walley of Arts - Kapolcs - where he won with his band Whiteful the 1th award of the festival; Street Festival - Veszprém; Jazz Festival - Kenese; Sahy – Slovakia; XII. Jeunesses Musicales Festival - Bucarest; Europafestival. - Bucarest; X. Jazzland - Cserfő; V. Mezőkövesd Jazzdays; V. Gömör-Torna Festival; Zemplén Art Festival, Barcs-Jazz - and Bluesfestival, Jazznica – Slovakia, Teatro Eliseo – Roma, Montabelluna – Italy, Martonvásárhely – Romania, PDX Jazz Festival (USA)

He played in sessions with many famous jazz musicians like Dusko Gojkowich (tp), Kim Hutchcroft (sax), Stefan Zimmerman (tp), István Gyárfás (g), György Jeszenszky (dr), Balázs Bolyki (voc), Iván Folk (g), Szabolcs Oláh (g), István Regös (p), Balázs Berkes (db); Trio Acoustic, Martonosi Trio, Kornél Almási (b) Gyula Csepregi (sax), Ron Steen (dr), Kurt Deutscher (dr), Matt Holmes (bass), Dennis Caiazza (bass),

Laszlo Baranszki (guitar), Peter Boegan (dr), Gyula Toth (guitar), Laura Cunard (voc) and many more…

Performer in some musicals among others  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat -  Webber Gala, Jesus Christ Superstar, Mamma Mia at Madách Musical Theatre (Hungary)

As studio musician Attila participated on some records as guitarist , arranger and music director.

As a teacher Attila teaches privately, adjunct professor at the Gospel Department of Baptist Teological Academy (HU) and at Clackamas Community College (USA).

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